Belmore Australia is manufactured in one of only a few full scale boot factories left in Australia. Located in Sydney's inner west, Belmore was home to many immigrants from Europe and the Middle East in the mid to late 50's. Often many of them working in factories when manufacturing was at its peak in the 50's and 60's. Our Belmore factory was built over 100 years ago, and its iconic early century facade is one of only few factories still standing in the inner parts of Sydney.

It was this very factory where current CEO Tony Butler served his apprenticeship in bootmaking over 30 years ago. Tony's underlying love, passion and dedication to Australian Bootmaking is utilised in every part of the design and production stages.

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Meet Andrew Sampling Manager "For over 20 years l have been producing samples for our factory.I just love coming into the sample room and producing shoes before they go into production. Locally made products are such a small part of the footwear industry in Australia now, but working with brands like Belmore are inspiring and we feel have a strong story to tell in the marketplace and stand out from the noise."
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"Each day is different. We have been making shoes for a long time in this old factory, but constantly something new is happening. The shoe industry has changed so much in the past 20 years, we constantly have to find ways to re-invente ourselves and offer a point of difference to the mass produced shoes.The people in this factory make it a special place, and many of them have been working here for decades, so we all work together and appreciate the special role we have in producing shoes in one of only few factories left in Australia."
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All samples are sketched, cut, graded and constructed and then altered if required before going into production. One of the key components is to ensure the perfect shaped last is used to ensure the fit and feel is right.

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Years of experience are key in this early stage of production. Often we use Kangaroo leather which has marks, stains and scratches and carefully need to be avoided when cutting each piece.

Often parts of the leather will be stronger or thicker which can be cut to suit certain parts of the boot for optimum durability and fit.

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Home to some of Australia's most skilled and passionate boot machinists, our team has been producing high quality boots worn in Australia for decades.

Leather, suede, canvas and elastic are the key materials used when machining the boot. The experienced machinist will work each piece to ensure the finish is of the highest quality.

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Over the past 70 years our factory has produced millions of boots and shoes. The knowledge and craftsmanship at this stage plays a key role in lasting the boot by hand and machine to moulding the boot shape and preparing it for the sole.

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